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A contact page is simple in nature but can be the make or break of you capturing potential customers. Contact pages are important because they show you care and are available on a more intimate level.

Having a way for your potential customers to contact you shows that you are interested in helping them with their specific enquiry. Visitors are more likely to purchase when they trust your brand and having a way for your customers to connect with you proves to them that you are a real, friendly, approachable person or have a supportive team who can be there to listen and deal with situations.

The primary objective of this page is to encourage leads or customers to get in touch if there’s anything they need. However, it is also a great place to put obvious links for visitors to your other online connections. Customers and fans could want to follow you on social media or sign up for an email newsletter. 

Building An Effective Contact Page

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So what do you need to add to your Contact Page?

  1. Relevant Contact Info – depending on your business you may want to include your physical address, a contact number, email, a live chat feature, links to socials etc. Keep in mind that whilst you want to be “available” you also want to automate your business as much as possible so be conscious of limiting “direct” contact option in favour of forms with automated workflows that allow you the option of contacting the person where needed.
  2. General Knowledge / FAQs – use this page as a way to provide as much information as possible to avoid being contacted over and over again for common questions. If relevant, include your business hours, expected response times etc, contact process for B2B vs B2C orders etc. You’ll find that a lot of shoppers have similar questions (payment related, delivery times, shipping costs etc). Adding an FAQs section to your Contact Us page can help customers self-serve and get their questions answered without having to wait for a response from your team.
  3. Relevant CTA – for anyone who lands on your contact page, it is a great opportunity to invite them to do something else, such as sign up for your newsletter, check out your sale products or follow you on social media.
  4. Reviews / Testimonials – when a shopper visits your Contact Us page, they are either trying to solve a problem or they’re partway through the sales cycle and need some clarification. Adding positive customer reviews to your Contact Us page will add a dose of social proof and reassure shoppers that they’ve made the right decision by buying from you. 

It's time for you to create your Contact Page content.

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Has a major role when it comes to keeping someone on your website.


Convey who you are, your values, principles, and make your brand relatable.


Encourage leads or customers to get in touch if there’s anything they need.


Customers help you tell your story, market your products, and stand out from the competition.


Provide information on relevant topics to your target audience and build engagement.


Help to build an email community which you can use to foster leads and convert them into customers.


Increases your visibility online and helps drive more visitors to your website .


A third-party service or tool that you integrate into your website for processing online payments.

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