Your ‘About’ page should convey who you are, what your values and principles are, how you got to where you are, and why your product or service is important to you. Unlike the rest of your site, your about page should be heavily focused on you and your brand. Let’s go through the core purposes of the about page:

  1.  Communicate Your Story – communicate the story of your business and why you started it to help connect with your potential customers.
  2. Value Proposition – summarise your core values and how you solve your customers problems in a broader sense.
  3. Make Your Brand Relatable – it helps to humanise your business by telling visitors about yourself and your team which reassures visitors that they’re dealing with real humans who understand their needs. Share your achievements, awards and qualifications to validate yourself and gain customer confidence which builds trust.
  4. Establish A Relationship – write in the first person as if you are meeting someone for the first time.  This is your opportunity to let your brand personality shine and inspire your audience which will make them want to keep engaging with you. 


Your about page is the  Who / What / When / Where / Why of your brand. This is where you use an authentic voice to describe who you are, what you do & share your unique identity. What sets you apart and why you are worth investing in. Things like:

  • How the business was founded
  • Who the key players are and what they do
  • The beliefs and principles that shape the business
  • Your purpose and how you help
  • Why people should want to invest in you

Shoppers navigate to an “About Us” page to learn more about the brand and the people behind the products. Your ‘About’ page should address those two curiosities shoppers have to help with decision making.

Your About Us page is a good opportunity to summarise your company’s history, how your business works, and relate that back to the mission that drives you.

When it comes to laying out the content on your about page, remember the two curiotisites for helping potential customers align to your brand: 

  1. Help them learn more about the brand
    • why you started the business
    • brand mission
    • the cause that your business serves
    • business model
  2. Help them learn more about the people behind the brand products or services
    • bio of staff and what each person does
    • map out business timeline
    • awards and credentials

Writing Your Perfect About Page

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Depending on the type of business, use the following templates* as examples for the structure but make sure to reword and personalise it so that it aligns to your brands voice. There should be enough content to fill a whole page including images. 

Mission-based template

“[A simple one-liner introduction that hopefully isn’t “About Us”]

[Image or video clip]

[Brand name] is a [type of company] focused on providing [service] to [target audience]. 

As a company, we want to change the way [the service you provide] is done in [your target market].

In [year], [founders] were dealing with [specific problem] and realized [specific market gap]. They decided to create [this product or service] to help other [target audience] struggling with the same [specific problem]. [Brand name] was formed.

[More visuals]

We believe in [your company values] and [your work culture]. Each year, we [include community outreach or any applicable projects that may appeal to your target audience].

[Brand name] is trusted by [number of clients or five-star reviews]. [Media house] called us the [relevant praise or award].

[Call to action]”

Benefits-based template

“[Brand name] is the go-to for [product, service or category name] that [main characteristic or benefit of the offer].

Not only do we [action that results in a benefit for the target audience], but we also [action that results in a benefit for the target audience]. After all, we [believe that/are committed to][your core values or mission]. 

[Social proof such as benefits-focused testimonials]

We won’t stop until we’ve helped [target audience] to [goal the audience wants to achieve]. Our vision is to [the vision you’re working toward] by [target year]. And we’re well on our way to that goal with [progress metrics such as happy customers]. 

We couldn’t be happier about the opportunity to help you [main benefit target audience is seeking]. Thanks for being here with us!”

‍Story-based template

“In [year of origin], after [facing or noticing a problem], we started [brand name] to help [target audience] [goal audience wants to accomplish]. 

[Image or video clip]

We saw firsthand how [important/difficult] is it to [do or accomplish something] so, since [year business was founded], we’ve poured every ounce of our blood, sweat, and tears into [the solution we provide]. 

We’ve tackled [a big challenge for your audience or within your industry]. We created solutions for [a problem your audience faces] and [a problem your audience faces]. All so that [audience descriptor such as a job title] like you can [goal audience wants to accomplish]. 

As a result, [our work has been recognized by [[reputable individual or organization]]/we’ve been honored to [[a cool privilege you’ve enjoyed thanks to your work]]].

We couldn’t be prouder to offer you [feature or benefit of your product or service] and [feature or benefit of your product or service]. And we look forward to bringing you [innovative or high-quality features or benefits] for years to come!”

*sourced from Jasper AI

It's time for you to create your About Page content.

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Has a major role when it comes to keeping someone on your website.


Convey who you are, your values, principles, and make your brand relatable.


Encourage leads or customers to get in touch if there’s anything they need.


Customers help you tell your story, market your products, and stand out from the competition.


Provide information on relevant topics to your target audience and build engagement.


Help to build an email community which you can use to foster leads and convert them into customers.


Increases your visibility online and helps drive more visitors to your website .


A third-party service or tool that you integrate into your website for processing online payments.

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