The aim of CRM automation is to improve both the Customer Journey experience as well as the Business Owner experience. The core goals of CRM automation are to:

  1. Improve relationships – A CRM system can give you a clear overview of your customers.  You can see everything in your lead / client profiles dashboard which provides insights into your customer’s previous history with you, the status of their orders, any outstanding customer service issues, and more. This allows you to stay on top of the status of all of your customers in a simple click, and make them feel important and catered to, without needing to take up valuable memory space.

  2. Improve efficiency – Automating repetative tasks with set workflows helps you turn your funnel into a journey your customer will enjoy because it removes the wait time. A well-designed customer journey makes it easy to transition your customer from one stage of the funnel to the next and this is where automation is key.

When you can minimise your need to manage basic tasks you will have more time, head space and energy to focus on the elements of your business that only you can do which in most cases is what you are most passionate about. 

You before CRM automation…

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You after… 

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Here are a few reasons why the CRM automation customer journey is important:

  1. Ease transition through your funnel – a well-designed customer journey makes it easy to transition your customer from one stage of the funnel to the next.
  2. Increase engagement – another reason customer journeys are important is that they keep your customers interested in your brand. The more they see you in their inbox the more you will stay fresh in their mind and when done right
  3. Increase revenue – due to the way they ease the journey through the funnel and the way they keep customers engaged, customer journeys result in an increase in revenue.
  4. Help with conversions – they say a person needs at least 7 touch points before they make a commitment to become a customer. This is exactly why customer journeys are important. They enable you to gain your prospect’s trust by giving you opportunities to engage with your prospect multiple times.
  5. Help build brand loyalty once your prospect is converted into a customer, it is easy to turn them into a loyal brand ambassador through the same customer journey or a different one that is designed to serve that exact purpose.
  6. Save time – because customer journeys are automated, they help save precious time that would have otherwise been used on nurturing each customer individually. Not only do customer journeys help save time, but they also help you to scale as automation helps to eliminate human error and increases efficiency.

With this in mind, depending on what your business is the type of CRM software you will need and the level of automation you want to set up will vary. For the purposes of this training, the following is a general overview and will need to be adjusted to suit your exact needs. 


CRM Automation
The process can seem a bit daunting if it is your first time hearing the terms, but the easiest way to think of it, is that the “form” is required to kick off the automation process. Once a lead or client completes a particular form, that automatically tiggers the worfklow and each step of that workflow thereafter which can be totally unique for the specific step of your customer journey and overall sales funnel. 

Depending on what steps you have in your workflow, you may need some or all of the following content to add to your CRM automation. I use and recommend 17hats so the following are workflow items based on their top tier functionality:

  1. Documents
    • Quotes – provide options and allow customers to select exactly what they wish to purchase from your business. Accepted Quotes can automatically generate an Invoice for clients that they can then quickly and easily pay.
    • Invoices – create invoices that fit your business needs including tax, due dates, discounts, and tipping. Use 17hats Payments to allow clients to pay your invoices quickly online. Once connected to 17hats Payments, you may accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards. Add custom payment schedules to your invoices to allow clients to space out payments over time. You get paid, and your clients get flexibility. Automatically send your clients a recurring invoice sent weekly, monthly, or annually for recurring services. Allow clients to be charged automatically for Recurring Invoices, using a card on file – seamless for them, and consistent income for you.
    • Contracts – electronically send and sign Contracts to make sure your terms, conditions and expectations are very clear and transparent to all parties. Checkboxes and tokens allow your customers to interact before signing.
    • Questionnaires – gather the contact information you need as well as additional insights that help you build your customer profiles. Choose from open ended questions, images and links, plus multiple choice question to get to know new leads quickly which maps back to contact and project detailsIf/Then Logic in 17hats Questionnaires provides a tailored client experience and helps you learn the important details faster. Depending on how your clients answer certain “base” questions, follow-up “branch” questions automatically appear. (If X, then Y – hence the name, If/Then Logic.) It’s like you’re having a conversation with your clients, but it’s totally automated.
  2. Emails
    • Templates – creating email templates is the easiest to-do when it comes to regaining time in your day. Once you have created your templates, sending emails to clients becomes a five-second task instead of a tedious to-do. Templates can be personalised with Contact and Project details through the use of Tokens, and you can even add some extra fun with emojis 🎉💯. Ending your email with one of your customizable signatures closes with a professional touch. By connecting your email provider to 17hats, emails sent to Contacts from 17hats will be sent from your email provider instead of through 17hats’ servers. By connecting your Incoming Email Server to 17hats, all emails your clients send you will be filtered into 17hats. This exclusive 17hats feature ensures all emails are nicely organized in one place.
    • Customisation – schedule your emails down to the minute. Schedule sends for the next morning – no more unprofessional midnight sends. Save as a draft when life interrupts your email writing. Return to the Contact’s Project whenever you want, and pick up where you left off. Create your own fields to store Contact and Project details that you need to know and are specific to your business. Know the status of each email sent to (and received from) your Contacts. Labels tell you at a glance when a client has read your email.
    • Reminders / Confirmations – 17hats automatically reminds your clients about past due documents with an automated yet personalized email from you. Confirmation Emails will automatically be sent to your contacts as soon as they complete a Quote, Contract, Invoice, or Questionnaire. With the nice thank you, the link to the document for their records, as well as the quick delivery and personalization through Tokens, your contacts will be impressed with your professionalism.
  3. Time Management
    • Lead Forms – create a more consistent experience by automatically starting your process with each new lead submission which triggers your workflow with each new lead. When leads are captured, the Contact details are stored and a new Project is created. Lead Capture Forms can also automatically add Contact and Project Tags, send an auto-response, add to do’s to your calendar, and emails and questionnaires can automatically be sent. Respond automatically to each Lead Capture Form submission, even when you’re asleep. Personalise your reply using tokens. Stay on top of your leads and never let communication slip through the cracks. No more missing out on great prospects!
    • To Do Tasksadd important to-dos to your Calendar and To-Do List. Automate recurring to-dos for every client, and never miss a step. 
    • Online Scheduling – free yourself from your calendar and save valuable time, previously lost to the back and forth of calls and emails. Contacts will be able to select a date and time, and book with you in just minutes. It creates and sends a Zoom link, and allows your clients to pay at the time of booking for any paid meetings.
    • Lead Management – 17hats Lead Capture Forms and Online Scheduling allows you to manage your leads directly inside 17hats. By keeping your leads process in one place you will be able to quickly and easily respond via email, record notes, reschedule appointments, track money, and so much more.

What is a Workflow?

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The first part of CRM automation is customer journey mapping (referred to as a “workflow” during this training) which is the process of using predefined business processes to automatically trigger certain actions to complete a particular activity. 

Essentially, it is a breakdown of the exact steps your customer will take as they travel through your funnels. The purpose of a customer journey map is to ensure that your customer transitions from each stage of the journey effortlessly.

By mapping out your customer journey workflows for each offer and pipeline, you are better able to pinpoint potential friction areas and remove or alter them to give your customer a seamless experience.

By automating the customer journey workflow, you can easily automate manual tasks to reduce human error, boost productivity, and remove bottlenecks.

Let’s break down the general structure in each phase: 

customer life cycle management

Lead Generation

  1. Lead form – a few questions to capture someone’s info and in excahange they get your freebie
  2. Email series – emails that get sent which provide information, support, CTAs to foster lead nurturing and encourage a purchase. 

Customer Onboarding

  1. Application Form
  2. Quote / Invoice
  3. Contract
  4. Email series
  5. Questionnaires
  6. Tasks
  7. Scheduling 

It's time for you to get clear on your CRM Workflows.

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Determining your predefined business processes (lead generation & customer onboarding) to automatically trigger certain actions to complete a particular activity without you needing to manually do it. 


The copy that will be used in your forms, emails and other content used in your autoamtion workflows to help qualify and nurting your leads/clients to maximise your potential for them to move through your entire funnel.

CRM Automation Lessons

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