Your logo has a purpose other than just looking pretty. Let’s go through the core functions:

  1. To make a good first impression by showing you are professional as you have invested the time, money, and energy it takes to create branding.
  2. To create your own business identity which shows your uniqueness and increase brand loyalty by helping customers to easily identify you.
  3. To speak for the personality of you and your brand by providing an opportunity to associate feelings with imagery (a picture tells a thousand words).
  4. To help attract the right customers by using specific elements to appeal to certain people.
  5. To increase brand recognition by appearing on advertisement material that attracts your target customers.


People are more likely to be drawn to and purchase from a brand if its personality is similar to their own.

 So, when creating a logo, the primary objective is to communicate your brand vision and purpose in a simple visual format so that consumers can connect to your aesthetic and have an immediate opportunity to align to elements that exist in your mind and soul.

 For example, if your products and services focus around inner healing and energy centres, then incorporating chakra symbols in your logo can be an effective way to attach a visual identity to your overall brand that not only represents you but will also appeal to your ideal customers. It all revolves around building relationships through the association and connection of ideas.   

 The best logos are simple but strategic in that they are visually distinct and provide storytelling in a subtle way that can stand the test of time and account for brand evolution.

Visual Identities - More Than Just A Logo

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If you do not have a logo yet you are probably sitting right about here mentally…

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…but the good news is that creating your logo can be a smooth process by following a few steps. 

Step 1 > Do a Logo Audit

Step 2 > Continue the rest of the branding lessons

Step 3 > Decide if you want to outsource or do it yourself

It's time for you to do a logo audit.

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A logo’s primary role is to identify the person, product, business or service.


Colour choices help to set the mood and emotion of brand expression.


Typography establishes brand personality and sets the correct tone.


Imagery brings depth to your brand, helping you connect with your ideal clients.


Options and processes to consider before you progress to the next module.

Branding Lessons

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