The various audits should have helped you identify where you sit out of the below:

  1. Dont have a branding and need it.
  2. Have some or all elements of branding but have decided you need to rebrand.
  3. Have all elements of branding needed for your website and are happy with it.

If you landed on 1 or 2 you just need to decide if you are wanting to create your branding yourself, or outsource to a professional. 


Depending on your level of creativity and the amount of headspace you have with everything else going on in your life, you may prefer to leave this process to the experts. 

If that is the case, depending on your budget you have a few options. There are numerous logo designers out there which you can search for on the internet or socials and reach out to.

Sites like 99designs and Upwork, all have creative talent available for hire, however keep in mind that taking the cheaper route may come with its own risks. I have had clients hire cheaper overseas creatives for a branding and ended up with a basic logo design with no high resolution files or transparent variations of their logo and no information about fonts or colours used meaning I was unable to use the assets on their website. After numerous back and forth and lots of frustration they ended up cutting their losses and starting again by getting me to do their branding to ensure they were getting everything they needed and high quality services they could trust.

The other benefit in getting me to do your branding is that I already have a relationship with you and understand your vision so I am more likely going to be able to curate branding that best represents you and translating that same energy throughout your website to ensure consistency. 

Branding Package by Chelsea


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Hey I get it, you have already invested money in the website and although its not ideal you can always create your basic branding now and then invest down the track if need be.

Below are some videos to help you get started on your journey and a checklist of what you will need.

What You Will Need
Things To Consider
Resources To Use

Understanding Colour Theory

Understanding Layout and Composition

Understanding Typography

Fundamentals of Design

Create A Logo

Whichever option you decide, please complete these Brand Clarity questions.

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A logo’s primary role is to identify the person, product, business or service.


Colour choices help to set the mood and emotion of brand expression.


Typography establishes brand personality and sets the correct tone.


Imagery brings depth to your brand, helping you connect with your ideal clients.


Options and processes to consider before you progress to the next module.

Branding Lessons

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