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  1. Please do not start an activity (series of questions) until you have the time and energy to complete it. This means making sure you have the headspace to sit down for hours potentially to write, plan and figure things out when answering.
  2. Do not select “finish activity” until you have finished answering the questions as you will not be able to get back in to the questions to keep adding to it. Once submitted you can activity you can add comments to your answers via the Members Area (refer #4).
  3. The text you enter into the activity should auto save every 5 seconds so you can exit the course and return to the activity at a later date to finish it if you need to. Please wait 10 seconds after typing before exiting to make sure that your words have saved. Just in case there are any issues with your website browser or cache that prevents saving, please create your own document with your answer that you can save separately. Then “copy and paste” your answer into the activity.  If this back and forth will bother you and if you find it easier, please create a separate document to write your answers and then email that to me separately at hello@chelsea-rose.com when you finish each activity. If you are doing this, to progress you can just write “sending doc” in the answer field so that you can move forward through the course.
  4. When you submit an activity, you will not get a summary of your answers, however, you will be able to access your individual answers in the Members Area if you want to revisit what you have said etc. Simply go to academy/members-area then click on the drop down arrow next to the course name, and select the name of the question. This will open a separate page where you can view your response and add additional comments if you want to add to or change what you have submitted.
  5. As this course is drip fed, you can not jump to future sections or move forward to the next lesson until you have finished the activity.
  6. Treat the activities as “practice” for getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper in a clear way. The more you can explain, the better. Remember, you have knowledge about your brand, your business, your skillset and your industry, that your customers may not. So, the way you write your answers and content should make sense to ANYONE to avoid losing potential ideal clients.
  7. If you struggle with “writing” I recommend you record yourself talking into your phone and pretend you are being interviewed. You wouldn’t give a 3-word answer on a Podcast, treat this the same. Then, when you are finished, play back the recording and write your responses into the answer fields.

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