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“A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.”

Bo Bennett


Let’s get familiar with two broadly used business website pages that you may or may not of heard before:

  1. Sales Page
    A web page that focuses solely on selling a product or service. The primary objective being to close the deal and collect payment. 
  2. Landing Page
    A standalone web page that a person “lands” on after clicking through from an email, ad, or other digital location. Designed to generate leads. 

For the purposes of building your website I will be using these two names interchangeably because we will be merging the concepts to create one page that has everything. At the core, a sales/landing page is your opportunity to virtually sell your product/service to a complete stranger.

Before the internet, companies had no choice but to hire Sales Representatives who were responsible for generating leads, contacting potential customers and building relationships to increase sales. This required cold phone calls and physically driving around to find, and present to, potential customers.

Sales reps conversion process requires them to:

  • establish trust
  • understand what the leads needs were
  • create solutions by recommending certain products or services
  • ensure a smooth sales process

Sales reps are still critical to some industries however we are now fortunate to live in a time when you can harness the power of the internet to promote and sell directly to consumers simply by creating dedicated pages that follow the same structure as what as sales rep is trained to do, and focusing on the same criteria to find and convert leads. 


This topic is aimed at helping you with understanding the structure that is required for each type of page, so that you can better determine which is best for your offers, and prepare the copy (wording) for the pages. 

The lessons will give you an overview on what to do, but keep in mind you will need to do the actual writing (not me), or hire a copywriter if you still do not feel confident. 

I do not offer copywriting because I believe that the best way to translate your mission, brand and offers is through your own voice. That way it will be authentically you and has the best chance at capturing your ideal clients through honest connections and authenticity. 

Keep in mind that what someone reads on a page should match what it is like working with you, or buying products from you so as mentioned earlier, try to do this yourself in the first instance and if you are not good physically writing, record yourself talking and answering the prompts in the lessons as if you would be talking to a customer in real life, and then list back to extract what you like. 

Sales/Landing Page Explained

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