How This Course Works

"The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of like is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give."

William Arthur Ward


My objective when creating your website is not just focused on making it look pretty. The bigger goal is to help you get as many leads and conversions as possible and there is a particular strategy and structure that makes that happen. 

The aim of this free added course is to guide you through the process of curating the content you should have on your website to make it as successful as possible.

The course is broken down into two stages:

  1. REFLECTION – helping you to get extremely clear on your brand before you even think about content.
  2. CURATION – helping you to understand what is needed on your website and prepare the content itself

Whilst every brand is different, the questions you will be asked will suit ALL business models. So if you find yourself thinking “I don’t have this” then I encourage you to not just write “N/A” and skip past it. Really think about including what I have outlined as it will give you the best chance of success.  

With this said, you are NOT REQUIRED to follow the website structure that is outlined in this course. It is only a guide and based on my experience of what has worked best for my clients over the years. However, this is your business and your website and you can follow any structure you like. 

If you find yourself struggling with any of the sections or questions and want more support, you can book a paid strategy session with me here


The course is split into educational lessons and each lesson has an attached activity with a series of prompting questions.  The course is designed to help you get clear on your brand and the content for your website, and the answers you provide are meant for me to use towards building the website content.

That includes helping me to get a better understanding of your brand and offers, as well as me taking the actual wording you have used to add into your website (second part of the course).  I create your website based around the content in this course so you will be prompted to provide information or content at certain steps to align with how I build your website. 

This course will not expire until the website has been completed, so there is no rush to complete a lesson or activity if you need more time to figure things out. Keep in mind though that I will not start working on the website until certain content has been provided to me so if you have a set deadline to launch, then you need to be conscious of that as you are moving through the course. 

When you submit an activity you will not get a summary of your answers, however, you will be able to access your individual answers in the Members Area if you want to revisit what you have said etc. Simply go to then click on the drop down arrow next to the course name, and select the name of the question. This will open a separate page where you can view your response and add additional comments if you want to add to or change what you have submitted. 

The course is intentionally drip fed meaning you have to do it one step at a time (layed out in a particular order with a lesson to read then an activity to complete) and you cannot jump ahead. This is to prevent people from rushing through it without really stopping to think about the question, or providing really basic short sentence / few word answers to activity questions. If you do this latter parts of the course will not make sense, and/or you will not provide me with what I need, defeating the purpose of the course altogether.

Treat the activities as “practice” for getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper in a clear way. The more you can explain, the better. Remember, you have knowledge about your brand, your business, your skillset and your industry, that your customers may not. So the way you write your answers and content should make sense to ANYONE to avoid losing potential ideal clients.

The course has an auto-save feature however depending on your own browser and cache settings things may not save correctly and may lose your answers. For this reason (as a safety net) please write your answers into your own word/pages document that you can save separately. You can then copy your answers from your document and paste it into the activy answer. Or copy wording from activity answer to another section for example. If this will bother you and if you find it easier, you can just maintian your own separate document and then email that to me separately at when you finish each activity. If you are doing this, to progress you can just write “sending doc” in the answer field so that you can move forward through the course. 

I can’t stress enough that this course is just a free bonus resource aimed at helping you to give me what I need for the website I need to build for you, and in the particular stages that I will need it. However, if you already have all of the information and are not finding the course helpful, or you are finding the tech challenging, there is absolutely no pressure to do the online course. If this is the case I trust you will have the information ready to go and can sent to me via email or through a google doc etc. Or you can also go through the course but write your answers in a separate doc (and write ‘sending doc’ to all the activity questions to progress to the next lesson). I do encourage you to read through the course at the very least (and write ‘reading only’ to the activity answers) so that you will know exactly what I will need from you to create your website. 

Please do whatever is easiest for you but making sure I still receive all of the content that I will need. This includes:

  1. Summary of you and your brand
  2. Your brand assets (including logo formats, brand guidelines, photos)
  3. Summary of your target market
  4. Outline of your offering and sales funnel 
  5. The website copy for your individual pages
  6. The website copy for your sales pages
  7. The copy for your membership course (if included in package)
  8. The content for your shop (if included in package)
  9. The workflow and email content for CRM (if included in package)
  10. The logins for your payment gateway (if relevant)

Once the website has been created you will receive training on how to use the site and make additions using templates or changes so that you can feel confident in adding to your website for years to come.

Please note that once I have completed the pages using the content you send me and I have done the traning and a final “handover” I will no longer be able to add to or resolve any website issues without additional fees. For this reason I really stress that you focus on not just sending me copy for the website to “get it done fast” but take your time to make sure what you send me is accurate and feels aligned so that I can build the site with minimal changes needed in the future. 

Tips / FAQ / Disclaimers

  • Please do not start an activity (series of questions) until you have the time and energy to complete it. This means making sure you have the headspace to sit down for hours potentially to write, plan and figure things out when answering. 
  • Do not select “finish activity” until you have finished answering the questions as you will not be able to get back in to the questions to keep adding to it. Once submitted you can activity you can add comments to your answers via the Members Area (refer above for info).
  • As this course is drip fed, you can not jump to future sections or move forward to the next lesson until you have finished the activity.
  • If you struggle with “writing” I recommend you record yourself talking into your phone and pretend you are being interviewed. You wouldn,t give a 3 word answer on a Podcast, treat this the same. Then, when you are finished, play back the recording and write your responses into the answer fields. 
  • The course was intentionally created to provide you with information, prompts and guidance around everything we will need for your website so that you can curate the copy yourself without needing to outsource. However, you are more than welcome to hire a copywriter if you would prefer and just relay to them what I need. 
  • The pages I create on your website have limitations in terms of the number of revisions included in your package. For this reason please try to refrain from submitting the content activities or sending me the content until you have finalised it. 
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